Let’s Koopt in touch ! ©


kOOpt ® is ...

... the 1st automated free App to seamlessly book meetings and share assets in many environments (between co-workers, neighbors, friends & family ...)

... able to support any C2C, C2B (local service providers), C2O ('Customer to Object') flow / processes

... in its next versions, aiming to strongly support and develop modern economic patterns, those based on proximity, solidarity, collaboration and sharing

kOOpt ® is also ...

... based on distributed Artificial Intelligence, embedded in each smartphone !

... peer-to-peer !

... real-time !

... out of limits (number of kOOpters, meeting attendees, supported businesses or activities, simultaneous negotiations, ...) !

... able to support meeting cancellations !

... privacy-by-design & GDPR compliant (no data sharing : calendars, contacts, etc.) !

kOOpt ® is, then, NOT ...

... another centralized platform or marketplace

... more generally another stuff that will use your private data to make money

... making coffee ;)

kOOpt ® is much more than a simple personal assistant, it aims at boosting your ability to act locally !

Available in beta version, for free * :

Download kOOpt

* basic functionalities, which will still be free in the future !