Let’s Koopt in touch ! ©

  • the 1st Automated and peer-to-peer App to seamlessly book meetings
  • ...and the next universal open & peer-to-peer marketplace, able to support any emerging local exchange trading system !

We spend too much time and cognitive effort to just planning and managing our time :

  • from organizing meetings at work,
  • to planning meetings with doctors, hair dressers, piano or maths teachers,
  • to planning vacation rentals, booking transportation,
  • to (even) planning catch up and « fun » time with friends…

And, last but not least, we always have to register, connect and switch from 1 specific platform to another to book 2 different things or services, although we will use it simultaneously for the same purpose !

In our busy life, we need help to easily plan and automatically book : availabilities, meetings with friends, co-workers or service providers of any kind…

...We need a personal assistant...    We need kOOpt ® !